The 2009 Players Ball

tpbThe Players Ball would like to thank all past sponsors for their huge contributions in helping us achieve 11 years this January!

Parties like the Players Ball need sponsorship support to continue providing the worlds greatest private industry event of all time. Our philosophy is to provide our peers with the biggest names in music while celebrating our success in the adult industry.

In an industry where everything is computer based, behind firewalls and over telephones, getting an opportunity to thank people face to face is essential in networking and recruiting for new business while giving back to those you are currently doing business with.

I've been organizing these events for about 11 years (more then 35 events) and can tell you that it's not D-Money's parties, it's our sponsors parties. The Players Ball is a party thrown by multiple sponsors and is organized by yours truly. So thanks again to everyone that is sponsoring our Player events, without your support this event wouldn't be possible.


Co Sponsors
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